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At Rx Sample Solutions, we care about your brand. We partner with brand teams to design point-of-sale rebate, mail-in rebate, and/or free trial offer programs tailored to your targeted audience. These programs are designed based on the stage of the product and overall brand team goals. We help you put in place the programs that will positively affect your top line sales. Additionally, Rx Sample Solutions is changing the paradigm of the clinical study procurement and distribution process for open label medication and supplies through the use of our Clinical Study Pharmacy Card.

Co Pay Assist

At Rx Sample Solutions, our point of sale rebate system provides unique business rule flexibility for your co pay assist programs. Our system... Learn More

Patient Compliance/Adherence

Our Patient Compliance / Adherence programs are designed to increase patient compliance / adherence on their prescribed medication. Through careful... Learn More

Prescription Abandonment

Statistics show that over 40% of prescriptions written are never filled. Our Prescription Abandonment Program focuses on connecting with patients who... Learn More

Alternative Sample

Our alternative sample voucher programs provide your patients with sample medications filled from secure pharmacy stock and checked for potential... Learn More

Patient Rx Rebate

Rx Sample Solutions continues to offer a tried and true mail-in rebate system which can provide a rebate check to a patient within two weeks after... Learn More

Buy and Bill

Rx Sample Solutions provides rebate opportunities for your patients when the physician or patient purchases the medication and has it... Learn More

Consumer Rebate

Rx Sample Solutions offers Point of Sale (POS) rebate programs for your  over-the-counter consumer products. We use bar or .Q. code systems that... Learn More

Patient Assistance

Every patient, regardless of income, should have an opportunity to get access to medication.  Many medications, particularly specialty products that... Learn More

Single Use and Re-Loadable Debit Card

Are you looking for a way to refund patients for expenses paid for your products? Or are you looking for something different from the traditional... Learn More

Prior Authorization Support

With the increasing number of specialty products on the market and the tighter FDA and insurance company regulations, more products than ever require... Learn More

Generic Defense

Over the past decade, generic products have begun to take over certain therapeutic areas. Many physicians are encouraged to prescribe generic... Learn More

Call Center Support

Rx Sample Solutions offers live call center support for any of your programs where you may need direct patient or health care provider support. We... Learn More

Integrated Voice Response Systems

Rx Sample Solutions can provide you with a state of the art, Integrated Voice Response (IVR) System to assist in capturing HIPAA-appropriate patient... Learn More

Targeted Reporting & Analytics

Rx Sample Solutions offers custom reporting that meets the specific needs of each program.  We don.t simply provide .off the shelf. reports; we... Learn More

Clinical Study Pharmacy CardTM

The Rx Sample Solutions Clinical Study... Learn More
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